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    How we invest

    We invest behind exceptional teams, at the concept stage. We love to back teams working on bold transformative technology and disruptive business models, as their first institutional investor. We typically invest anywhere between $250K to $2M, matching the raise with the stage of the company, with follow-on capital as companies progress.


    How we work with you

    We are active investors, working with a small number of companies every year, and committing our time to work with the founders closely. We bring in operational experience from some of the most respected companies in the world and a deep experience in the venture ecosystem, to help founders solve problems and scale fast. We connect you to our network of seasoned founders and operators in India and in the Silicon Valley, who can provide invaluable subject matter guidance.


    Consumer Demand

    Driven by a large young population and their rising income levels, India is emerging as one of the largest consumer markets in the world. At the same time, the supply continues to be largely fragmented and unorganised, leading to a shortfall in quality and fulfillment. We believe this is an incredible environment to create value and growth through technology and business model innovation, and provide quality products and services at mass scale and affordability. We are especially interested in marketplace models in areas like retail, fintech, healthcare, logistics etc.


    Global Technology

    The mass availability of computing technology platforms in the cloud is levelling the playing field for creating globally competitive software companies. The recent advances in deep learning are opening up exciting new possibilities for re-inventing entire industries altogether. We believe that the time is right for Indian companies to create deep technology products for global markets and we want to partner with them through their journeys.


  • TEAM

    Our team combines a strong track record of investment, technical and operational experience

    Co-founder & Partner

    Co-founder & Partner

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    We are proud to partner with these companies in their ambitious journeys

    Agri-tech company aimed at improving fresh produce supply chain

    B2B supply chain for fresh agri products direct from farms to business


    Founders: Varun Khurana | Prashant Jain

    Artificial Intelligence driven Big Data Platform for Enterprises

    Enables healthcare providers to deliver better care by integrating complex data across multiple distributed sources and generating valuable insights


    Founders: Abhinav Shashank | Sandeep Gupta | Kanav Hasija

    Spend management platform for Enterprises

    Platform for recording, sharing and processing of expenses and invoices


    Founders: Yashwanth Madhusudan | Sivaramakrishnan Narayanan

    Online platform for fractional ownership of real estate properties

    A tech-enabled fractional real estate ownership platform that allows investors to purchase fractional shares in completed residential and commercial properties


    Founders: Kunal Moktan | Hashim Khan

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